Seniors Health Care Scams

Why do some insurance companies prey on seniors? The answer is they have no place to go and sometimes no family support, usually have money saved up for a small nest egg and aren’t technologically savvy or that aware of what goes on around them, especially if they have cognitive difficulties. This makes it very easy for someone to spin them a yarn and tell them they’ll save money.

Scammers and schemers have made fleecing seniors a veritable art, done with the smoothness of years of practice. It’s incredibly easy to get money out of older Americans when it comes to their health care concerns. What senior doesn’t need health insurance? Doesn’t want to save money and get a great plan for themselves? It’s done by causing confusion for the senior, which is not hard to do because many don’t have a clue how their policy works or how much they pay, and when and for what. Pay attention to anyone asking you to buy health insurance from them for dirt cheap; something is wrong.

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