Buying Family Health Insurance Coverage in Illinois

Buying family health insurance in Illinois isn’t that difficult if you follow a few guidelines.

One of the first things to consider is having every family member on a separate policy. While that idea might go against the grain, there is a very good reason for it. It’s a proven fact that some insurance carriers have actually cancelled a whole family’s health insurance coverage because of something that might be wrong with just “one” dependent. That’s a pretty scary thought to have everyone in the whole family suddenly without health insurance.

Don’t jump whole hog into buying health insurance from a company no one seems to know very much about. The ideal thing is to thoroughly check out whether the company under consideration has a good track record for paying claims or not. Word of mouth is often helpful here.

If there isn’t much information to be found about the company, take a pass and move on to another choice. The ideal health insurance agent is one who will spend time educating clients about their options and not pressuring them to buy anything, not to mention the agent knows precisely who has a good track record for paying their claims.

When choosing an insurance company before buying health insurance, it’s a good idea to pick a company that does “not” hike rates every six months after the initial first year with them. While this might seem impossible to believe, it does happen and in fact there are examples of insurance companies handing out a 31% rate hike every six months after the first 12 months, this despite assuring the customer would only see (on average) a mere 8% increase in rates. No one needs to be dealing with rate increases like that.

It may be tempting to fudge a person’s health status on an insurance application; after all it just seems like a “little white lie.” Never try and hide any health conditions from the insurer. It is a virtual guarantee that they “will” find out later during the course of medical testing, etc. Finding out later has some serious repercussions that may include policy cancellation.

Don’t go to the doctor’s office that often? If that is the case, consider a different type of health insurance, as there is no sense in paying for the ability to visit the doctor frequently if that never happens. It doesn’t make sense to fork over hard earned money for doctor co-pays if it isn’t necessary.

Seek an expert health insurance agent that isn’t just out to sell something, but takes the time to help figure out which plan would be the very best fit for everyone that needs health insurance.

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