Beware the Instant Quote

While it’s nice to get an instant Illinois health insurance quote online, people need to be wary about where their personal information is going.

There are many options for Illinois health insurance that may be purchased privately or publically, depending on what suits the person shopping for health insurance. There are also equally as many insurance agents and brokerage firms to choose from when searching for Illinois health insurance quotes. In addition, the selection of products available will provide even the most well versed Internet surfer with a gigantic headache when faced with the list of health insurance plans.

In some ways it’s a real boon to have as many choices for insurance as Illinois health insurance brokers offer; such as CHIP health insurance quotes, disability insurance, senior health, small group health, employer-based group health plans, student health, and kid’s Illinois health insurance quotes. Selecting an Illinois insurance quote that suits the individual or the situation is only part of the process. The next step is to determine what websites to visit to get a quote. Those sites could include Short-Term Medical, BCBS of Illinois, Humana One, Unicare, etc.

It’s not so much that people searching for online Illinois health insurance quotes won’t find sites to get quotes. They will find quotes, but if they land on a lead capture page, their names will be sold to other businesses in the health care industry. To be safe and get the best information possible, one needs to go to a website where they can pull up to four quotes at once and do a side-by-side comparison. This will give the person a starting point in their search for health insurance. For further information, it’s the smart choice to speak to the insurance agent running the website.

Online forms usually ask most of the basics like age, height, weight, sex, whether a person is a smoker or not, some details about any current Illinois health insurance plans, medical conditions and other miscellaneous information. In most cases the company chosen uses the information to provide a quote for what may be the best plan in the circumstances. That would include rates from different kinds of plans and also different Illinois health insurance companies.

Keep in mind that there are usually two ways to get a quote: quick or instant quote, and a custom quote. Quickie quotes come back instantly with general details, but do not factor in any medical history or other underwriting requirements. They don’t include benefit options or include maternity benefits. Opting for a custom quote would provide more in-depth information.

While this all sounds on the up and up, remember there are companies on the Internet that only want personal information to collect data to sell as leads to insurance agents or who will turn around and sell the information provided to other companies in the health care market. They provide you with a quote in some cases, but by then personal information has been sent elsewhere.

If a person isn’t totally clear where their personal information is going, they should think twice about hitting that submit button. It makes the most sense in this case to call the phone number listed on the site(s) and speak to an insurance agent to make sure information is going to a legitimate insurance company and not some data collection outfit.

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