Tampa Custom Home Office Blues

For a stunning Tampa custom home office, one needs to choose only the best product that will stand up to anything thrown at it and still come out looking good.

Bear Creek Closets of Tampa, Florida, has the perfect solution for the discriminating homeowner who wants to run their home-based business in an environment that showcases their Tampa custom home office. “We offer a wide variety of custom designed home offices in various finishes to suit our customer’s preferences,” indicated James Talarchyk, of Bear Creek Closets.

Fancy opening the door to a Tampa custom home office and being greeted by a home office system finished in maple, charcoal or English walnut. This home office would not be created equal to the dirt cheap particleboard desks and shelves sold at big box retailers. It would be custom designed to suit the needs of the user and would be timeless in its beauty and functions.

It would be an office space that blends in with the personal space of the person working there, not a “piece of furniture” that has a use – for now, but isn’t expected to last that long. “That is precisely what happens with chipboard, it disintegrates over time when exposed to any moisture, not to mention it has a nasty habit of chipping when hit the wrong way,” added Talarchyk.

“We’re not knocking chipboard, but we are saying that it does not in any way stand up to the rigors of daily living like our custom designed and handcrafted Tampa home offices. We only use solid maple and other hardwoods which virtually eliminates the off gassing of harmful volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde that particleboard products produce, said Talarchyk. This is obviously the green way to go and get a stunning Tampa custom home office in the deal.

Bear Creek Closets prides themselves on knowing a customer’s personal space almost as well as they do. They have to in order to be able to design a Tampa custom office that reflects the personality of the owner. No small detail is overlooked or forgotten when Bear Creek designers begin planning the perfect office for the discriminating homeowner who wants a functional, yet distinctive and unique work space.

To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit Bearcreekclosets.com.

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