Reach-In Closets Save Space

Reaching into one of those old-fashioned closets that take up too much space in your bedroom or hallway has always been a bit of an adventure. Change that with an innovative reach-in closet.

Bear Creek Closets in Tampa, Florida, have some cool ideas going for them that will turn a home into a paragon of organization and streamlined design. Gone will be those terrible dungeons that the kids used to stuff their hockey gear, gym bags and winter clothing into – all stuffed into the corner, willy-nilly in a large, indistinguishable pile. We all know what happens when the door opens. Whoever was brave enough to yank the closet doors open winds up wearing half of what is in the closet.

Put an end to confusion and junk piles by letting Bear Creek Closets get a grip on your private space and design reach-in closets that are neat and tidy, even before they get installed. Reach-in closets, especially in the kids’ rooms, will put an end to the “one-closet-hides-all evils” approach to cleaning their rooms.
With reach-in closets, Bear Creek Closets brings clean lines, organized spaces and well thought out storage areas for those things that are best put away out of sight. The good thing is that it isn’t the “whole” closet where kids can stash stuff. It’s a smaller space built especially for kids who love to have “secret places” to put their prized possessions – just so long as that does not involve the pet snake captured in the backyard.
Having a reach-in closet in any room in the house will effectively double your usable space. Bear Creek’s handcrafted solid wood custom designed closets are a bonus for another reason as well – resale value. When your home is that good-looking inside and features cleanly designed, streamlined storage spaces that actually look good and aren’t made out of tacky particleboard, the resale value goes up.

Having one of those old closet models with the chipboard panels stained a dark brown with the hinges falling off and the chipboard chipping from use makes a room look ugly. While closets are designed to be functional, they don’t need to stick out like sore thumbs.

Bear Creek builds all of their closets with solid maple and maple veneers which means a classy product that lasts for years. There are no exposed metal hinges or joints and no cheap plastic brackets used. In other words, quality goes in before their name goes on.

For the best in custom designed closets in a variety of stunning finishes from Colonial Maple to Midtown Cherry, make it a point to contact Bear Creek Closets in Tampa, Florida.

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