Nokia 7705 Twist Is a Square Phone with Surprises

The new Nokia 7705 Twist is a completely square phone that swivels open to display its QWERTY keypad in the manner of the long dead Houdini. Loaded with options, it’s an exciting phone, but what if it breaks?
The new Nokia 7705 Twist is being hawked by Verizon Wireless and Nokia as “a fun phone” with a unique square shape. This smart phone swivels open to display a full QWERTY keypad. It has shortcut buttons that assist in providing quick access to messaging, the 3.0 megapixel camera, Web browsing, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, voice commands, and speaker phone options. The Contact Light Ring in the device’s lower right corner can be customized to identify a message or a call from those listed in a convenient contact directory. It’s available online starting on September 23 and in Verizon Wireless stores on September 21 – the first day of fall on the calendar.

The Twist’s features don’t end there. It’s compatible with VZ Navigator SM, V CAST video as well as Music with Rhapsody, Visual Voice Mail, Mobile Broadband Connect, and Corporate Email. Its exclusive habitat mode activates a special interface for visualizing a consumer’s social circle on any of a dozen popular social networking groups, while allowing its customers to easily organize their calls and messaging history. Its 3.0 megapixel camera is also a camcorder with flash and autofocus with a dedicated camera/video key built-in. The Twist allows users to operate customized slideshows. Its Media Center is capable of downloading games, a panoply of ring tones, and more. You can edit photos with this device. Threaded messaging helps users keep track of multiple conversations – like a kind of stellar audio multi-tasking. Twist has an exciting “Post to Blogs” feature. It has a built-in mirror. It supports Bluetooth Profiles. It retails for $99.99 before mail-in rebate, just $49.99 after. What’s not to like?

A simple question seems relevant. What if it breaks?

With this “Twist,” it wouldn’t take much of a fateful twist for the device to suddenly not function – either partially or entirely. Historically, when such inexpensive, mass distributed devices appear, and their novelty wears off, so does their manufacturer’s warranty. With so many components, an independent repair shop may become the only option to get that QWERTY into revealing itself again. Fixing whatever isn’t functioning reasonably and in a timely manner will become a Twist owner’s top priority.

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