Lead Contamination Is Deadly Serious

Lead contamination in water is more prevalent than anyone may think, whether a house is new or not.
While everyone knows that drinking lots of water is something good to do for their health, these days people have to second guess if their water is safe or not. Imagine that, turning on the tap and drinking lead contaminated water. It’s not just the lead that is a problem either. Water on tap these days has so many pollutants in it that the list is almost as long as the manifest for the Titanic.

The sad truth is that even if the tap water is coming from a brand new house, lead may still be in the water, carried there by other sources not under the home (pipes and joints) but from the aging infrastructure that carries water through a city. No one would know this though because lead can’t be seen or tasted, but is dangerous nonetheless. If the homeowner happens to believe in water distillers and has water distillation systems, they are one up in the quest to drink safe and fresh water.

If there was a way to rip the top off the roads in a neighborhood, the true story of leaded pipes carrying water would be revealed. Many city water lines are lead piping with lead solder and the older those lines get, the more they disintegrate and more lead leeches into the water.

Of course this water then ends up in older homes with lead piping and in newer homes with plastic piping. Unfortunately, being in a new home is no guarantee of lead free water. The dilemma is that people never really think about the water unless they are aware of the problem and know about water distillers and water distillation systems.

If there is any question about water on tap in the house, it’s best to have it tested for contaminants. Use the water taken directly from the tap in the home, as taking it from the source won’t give an accurate reading of what is really in the water by the time it reaches homes and is ready for use. When in doubt, rely only on the safest way to get fresh water by investing in water distillation systems.

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