Epcon’s Customized Industrial Ovens Are Eco-Friendly

Epcon designs and manufactures a variety of industrial ovens that can fit any customer’s application.
Epcon Industrial Systems has been on the cutting edge of industrial ovens for 32 years and counting. We’re celebrating this fact with a push toward greener, eco-friendly oven technologies. Epcon has built a plethora of Industrial Ovens and is a premier custom Industrial Oven manufacturer. Based in Texas, we specialize in working with you and your engineers to envision the most efficient industrial ovens – every unit customized precisely to your needs. The industries we serve include such specialties as automotive, petrochemical, metal finishing, coil coating, printing, composite materials, semi-conductors, pulp and paper, sophisticated aerospace, high-tech electronics, pharmaceutical, food processing, and continuous web processing. We like to design and build “uncommon systems for uncommon applications.”

Whether you need conveyor ovens, batch ovens, dry-off ovens or curing ovens nothing is too complex and no size is too big. Being incredibly flexible in working with our list of new and repeat customers, we will continuously deliver more than we promise in every end-product application. The single and coherent purpose of a competent and complete Epcon facility is to instill your confidence in us while maintaining a level of trust rarely experienced within the industries we serve. Epcon has designed and built more than 3,000 systems for companies large and small within the borders of the United States, but we don’t stop there. Our industrial ovens are used worldwide with existing applications in such environs as the People’s Republic of China, France, England, Mexico, Singapore, Germany, Italy and Canada.

Our integrity and reputation nationally and internationally via word-of-mouth within the industry is unsurpassed. We pride ourselves on satisfying customers by going the extra mile – in concert with a flexible adherence to our customer’s needs and agenda. It helps to always offer the highest quality equipment at competitive prices be it buy, rental, or lease. If you figure in proficient follow-up sales service, and that they function virtually maintenance free in almost any industry where they are utilized — it becomes impossible to lose.

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