CPR Fixes Curves Too

CPR is a versatile independent repair shop that can make even your newest Blackberry models work again – even the Curve 8520.

The Blackberry Curve Series has been arguably the most popular series of smartphones ever marketed. Their design is elegant, stylish, and to use a tinge of jargon deemed apt for the most recent entry into the retail consumer sweepstakes, “incredibly approachable.” The nouveau smartphone is the Blackberry Curve 8520, and it comes in another “color” besides black, “frost”, which is a combination of silver, gray, and white, yet has nothing to do with winter. T-Mobile USA and Research in Motion have outdone themselves this time.

Like many so-called “smartphones,” the Blackberry Curve 8520 provides easy access to such communication venues as email, messaging (IM, SMS, MMS), and popular social networking sites (including Facebook and MySpace). Its full QWERTY keyboard is highly tactile, making comfortable, accurate typing relatively easy. Multimedia capabilities are built-in, and music, games, and entertainment mobile applications are at the ready. The thing is Wi-Fi enabled; aren’t they all these days?

But what if another feature worth mentioning – its touch-sensitive optical trackpad – won’t scroll for you all of a sudden? What if navigating the trackpad comes to resemble rubbing your fingers over a patch of cacti? What if the Curve 8520’s dedicated media keys suddenly begin to seem as if they’re dedicated to someone else instead of you?

If your Blackberry, even the newest models like the Curve 8520 begin to get, well, a little too QWERTY on you, it might be time to take the thing into an independent repair shop, specifically, your nearest CPR location.

“The Blackberry is the top selling smartphone brand in the United States,” says expert CPR technician Johnson H. Johnson III, a geek if there ever was one, “but the marvelous thing is that we fix ‘em, we make them work again, so you can text to your heart’s content, little one.”

A colleague of Johnson’s, John-John Doe, agrees. “I bet you’re wondering how I got the name John-John even though I’m not a Kennedy, but more significantly, Johnson H. is correct. We do fix Blackberries, even the curvy ones that can get too QWERTY on you in a hurry.”

Johnson H. Johnson III has more to say, which is a revelation, because he usually is a man of few words. “I want to say that a lot can go wrong with a Blackberry, and when something does, we can make it right.”

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