CPR Can Fix Android Phones like Science Fiction

Androids like Data, a Star Trek character, have recently been recycled into devices less humanoid but more functional – like Motorola’s new Android phone. But when Dr. McCoy’s not around, the best Android doctor might just be your nearest CPR.

Motorola, based in Schaumburg, Illinois, is a long way from the spaceship Enterprise. But their newest entry into the retail consumer market may just be the ticket to resuscitate the company’s gasping handset division. Remember “Data,” the peculiar humanoid android character on Star Trek who was one of the crew but never quite fit in? Motorola’s new Android-based handset doesn’t look much like Data, instead it resembles a smartphone, and has a different name, Cliq.

The Cliq comes with a lot of standard features, and even quasi-innovations. It has its touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, in this instance the QWERTY slides out from the side. Its five megapixel camera is said to produce sharper images than most other phones like Apple’s iPhone, which only manages three-megapixel resolution.

This widget is versatile, more so than any fictional character no matter how well-scripted. Motorola is attempting to lure away Blackberry loyalists from their arch-competitor. It’s a stab at the smartphone market worth taking, that’s for sure. But warranties? It’s unlikely that if it breaks, Motorola’s struggling handset division is going to want to “be there” for its own.

CPR will be there though. Your most trusted name in independent repair shops for electronic devices is not going to leave Motorola’s Cliq lost in space. “I remember watching that show as a kid,” says CPR expert service technician Manfred Manifold, “It starred June Lockhart and Billy Mumy.” About saving DATA, and more recent science fiction-like technological innovations such as the Motorola’s Cliq, Manifold is much more succinct. “We salvage hundreds of Blackberries every day,” he says with a kind of charismatic robotic expression etched onto his Midwestern yet other-worldly features, “I don’t see why we can’t make those Cliqs start clucking if they’ve become a dummied-down smartphone all of a sudden.”

What would happen if your Cliq’s touch screen becomes untouchable? “I’d take it to CPR before I’d use a phaser on it,” Mr. Manifold concludes. An alternative theory may just be that certain CPR expert service technicians watch too much sci-fi on TV when they’re not working. As for android-based smartphones like Motorola’s Cliq, it might be wisest to search for the nearest CPR shop so you don’t lose any megapixels.

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