A Brain on Water

There is no question that everyone in the U.S. has water on the brain, or to be more precise, their brain is more than 75 percent water.

Water is crucial for living, a fact that hits home if we have the misfortune to lose even just five percent of our body fluids. This loss creates a 25 to 30 percent energy drop in the average adult. If a body loses up to 15 percent of its fluid levels, this is often enough to cause death. The importance of drinking water cannot be overstated.

It’s a proven fact that if people want to avoid health issues such as asthma, arthritis, headaches, blood sugar problems and hypertension, they need to be well hydrated. Being plumped up with the proper amount of water makes the brain function in the optimal zone, ready and willing to deal with any problems thrown at it. Studies have actually shown that the longer the body is dehydrated brain cells start to shrink and not function properly, lowering the energy level in the brain.

Water has more benefits than just keeping people sharp and alert mentally. It also is a carrier for toxins and wastes as they are flushed out of our body. Always drinking enough water lets the body purify itself and in the process promote good health.

With benefits like that going for it, water should be the drink of choice, but it must be safe and fresh. Tap water won’t cut it, only distilled water from water distillation systems is the very purest water for freshness and safety. The water on tap in most American homes has so many contaminants in it, that if people knew what they were really drinking, they would be horrified. The only way to get the safest, purest and freshest water is to have in-home water distillation systems and/or water distillers.

It’s obvious that drinking water is crucial. A body’s health depends on it. To ensure a healthy body, invest in water distillers and water distillation systems – “the” answer to today’s dilemma of drinking only fresh, pure and safe water, just like Mother Nature intended it to be.

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