Small Town America Water Woes

In yet another episode of “Water Gone Bad,” the small town of Putnam, Connecticut, struggled to keep going while relying on trucked-in water.

No one knew for sure what happened to contaminate the town’s water supply, but they did know they were relying on water rolling into town in large tankers. Town residents spent four long days finding alternative and creative ways to cook, as well as figuring out how to clean the kids following playtime.

Many of those residents didn’t have water distillation systems in place which could have been used to distill the trucked-in water. The cause of this disruption in everyone’s lives was due to the fact the town found E. coli in the municipal water supply.

The precise source of the bacteria wasn’t pinpointed other than to indicate that the water may have been contaminated with either human or animal waste. E. coli causes headaches, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and a whole host of other nasty symptoms.

Those with compromised immune systems, meaning youngsters and senior citizens, faced a very real threat to their health. Luckily, no one in the small town of Putnam, Connecticut, became sick. Those who did have water distillers on hand were able to weather the long shut-off with some degree of aplomb.

In the meantime, over 2,600 people, homes and businesses across town had their tap water shut off. While there may have been just one area of town affected, the administration took no chances and shut all water off. This kind of a situation brings home how critical it is to have water distillers in place to provide a fresh and safe water supply, something that many places in America can’t lay claim to these days.

Even though municipal water filtration plants may be in place to keep the water clean, it’s obvious it doesn’t always work. What’s even more obvious is that if people had water distillation systems in place, they could’ve had clean and fresh water on hand, even by using trucked-in water.

What would happen if a town or city went longer than four days without any water in their homes and places of business? Consider the ramifications and the enormous loss of income to places like restaurants. Certainly if the water was totally turned off at the source, it makes it hard to use an alternative in place of tap water. However, that being said, with water being brought into town, anyone with water distillation systems would have a leg-up in being able to provide fresh water for their home or business.

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