Room to Move in the Garage with Proper Storage

The only way to have a proper storage facility in the garage is to have it custom built. This doesn’t mean that it’s out of reach financially.

A man likes his work space to be, at the very least, easily accessible and have some sense of order to it. If that isn’t the case, they never seem to be able to find anything in the mountain of garden tools, sports gear, and tools and supplies. It’s a bit like that old saying, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.”

“While those who like the clutter and aggravation of trying to track down a hammer for a building project probably wouldn’t consider garage work space and storage ideas, Bear Creek Closets offers those who like a sense of order some innovative, stunning and reasonable solutions,” said James Talarchyk of Tampa’s Bear Creek Closets. Bear Creek worked long and hard to create the perfect solution to for finding those tools and supplies the “first” time someone looks for them and not the hundredth.

Garages aren’t particularly noted for their style, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer good taste in the form of storage solutions that are not only functional, but take into consideration that the person working in there has to have room to move. Bear Creek will take a garage and turn it into a thing of precision, all the while accommodating the need to make room for equipment ranging in size from the lawn mower to the ATV.

Bear Creek knows what to do with a garage just by scoping it out. They figure out the dimensions, determine how much room is needed to get work done, and what limiting factors there may be. From there they design strategically located wall mounts and workbenches that turn the garage into a workshop and storage space. “Our storage solutions have durable metallic coating, moisture resistant cabinets complete with back panels, ¾ inch cabinet construction offering PVE laminate finish or full steel, and 1 inch thick steel shelves for that extra load rating,” explained Talarchyk.

Attention to detail is a Bear Creek signature trademark and it’s easy to tell when anyone takes a good look at their garage space storage solutions. They don’t cut corners, don’t use cheap material and pride themselves on their workmanship backed by years of experience. After all, garages really ought to be places where the mish mash of assorted odds and sods should be tucked away to give the space a neat and orderly appearance. “Imagine being able to actually use the garage to work in rather than as an oversized storage facility,” commented James Talarchyk of Tampa’s Bear Creek Closets.

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