On the Job Electrocution – Wrongful Death

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to contemplate an electrocution on a construction worksite. After all, more than half the tools in use have an electrical source.

While you might think that a rain day would be called on a construction job where power tools are used, you’d be wrong. The job is on a deadline and that deadline does not recognize Mother Nature’s interference. Rain or not, workers handling power tools and working toward a deadline to get their jobs done are at high risk for electrocution.

It’s a given that water and anything that runs on electricity just don’t mix. Construction workers know this and so do their employers, but the job must be completed on time and on budget. Every time a worker handles electrical equipment under wet conditions, that employee’s life is in danger.

Picture a wet and rainy day and a worker cutting wood with a power saw whose cord is dragging in the mud and puddles created by the rain. Water has the chance to seep into the connection and follow the cord to the employee holding the saw or electrocute any worker that walks across the wet connection on the ground.

In most instances, electrocution kills instantly and when it doesn’t, the person will suffer severe burns or wind up in a coma. The damage left behind in the wake of an electrocution is painful and heart wrenching. The person who was electrocuted and survived may never be the same again.

There are other ways that workers may be killed by electrocution on the job. Typically nearly two fifths of the cases of death by electrocution occur from contact with overhead power lines. Those that do survive such an accident sustain electrical burns, arc burns and/ or thermal contact burns. The electrical burns are problematic because they have an entry wound and an exit wound where the current traveled through the body. If the current ran through the heart, victims may experience defibrillation. They may have a chance of survival if CPR is administered promptly.

In instances where an employer insists on having employees work in unsafe conditions, the question of negligence rears its ugly head. Cases like this need to be taken to a lawyer with experience in handling electrocution accidents. It’s far too important that justice be done for the grieving family and damages recovered where possible.

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