Even the Government Knows About Contaminated Water

Most, if not all, of the water we drink is contaminated in some form or another. It’s a “for sure” that the government knows and a certainty that we need water distillers in our homes to combat contamination.
Consider the various legal battles raging all across the nation dealing with contaminated water and you will get a very clear picture of the likely condition of the water in your taps. If you aren’t using water distillation systems in your home, then think twice about drinking the water.

The most recent debacle concerns E. coli in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. An investigation is being conducted that a government agency broke state laws by not releasing data that E. coli was above safe levels in the lake – a revelation that would make most people bolt to the Internet and purchase water purification systems for the home and cottage.

The Missouri Attorney General is investigating a complaint that a state agency violated state law by refusing to release data that showed E. coli was above safe levels in the Lake of the Ozarks. That gives one pause for thought about how that would affect tourists, not to mention the local citizenry. Evidently the Department of Natural Resources turned down multiple requests under that state’s Sunshine Act to release the relevant data. Water distillers would be in big demand with the community facing that kind of a problem.

The Department’s director is walking a rather fine line these days indicating that his department should have immediately released the report detailing the levels of E. coli in the lake. This in light of the fact that the department had apparently kept the report hush-hush for about a month because they didn’t want to affect tourism or cause public panic. The concern and panic happened anyway when people found out. The situation was merely compounded by the Department of Natural Resources hiding the facts. The lost time for people to purchase water distillers for their home and at the lake was crucial.

If the government in various states is withholding information of this nature because it doesn’t want to lose tourism dollars or cause people to get into a flap, what other information about the water haven’t they told us? Interesting question, don’t you think? The public has every right to know about the water in or from which they wash, bathe, play and drink.

Our health is at risk when we drink contaminated water and when public agencies, who are supposed to safeguard us from things like this, participate in a cover-up like the Missouri one. It’s time to be taking a hard look at the water system you have in your home for your family and finding out all you need to know about water purification systems. Water distillers are the best bet for the freshest, cleanest water like Mother Nature intended it to be.

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