Drowning Lawsuits

Unfortunately, a drowning accident can happen at any time in just about any location.

Shockingly, nine people drown everyday in the U.S., with drowning being the second leading cause of death for kids between 1 and 14 years old. Nearly 3500 people die in drowning accidents across the nation each year. The reason for roughly 75% of all drowning is lack of adult supervision for less than five minutes.
It doesn’t take much to drown; an accidental fall into a water source, getting trapped in debris, hitting one’s head after diving, getting caught in an undertow, or even lacking the strength to struggle against the water. The causes are legion and the injuries that result have the potential to be serious (paralysis from neck and head injuries or severe limb injuries) or deadly (disembowelment and death).

When a drowning happens, the question becomes one of identifying if there was negligence involved or if there was defective equipment. In cases such as this, it is best to consult with a highly trained Dayton lawyer and have him outline what your rights are and how cases such as this are handled. Chances are, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for compensation.

If there was negligence, and in many cases of swimming pool injuries or deaths there may very well be, it is usually due to another person’s carelessness or due to a defective drain or other pool component. Not every child that falls into a pool or gets pushed into one will die by drowning, but for each child that does, there are another four who need emergency medical treatment and are often left with permanent injuries. Nearly 20 percent of the children who do survive a near-drowning may suffer permanent brain damage.
Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer about your case thinking it you can wait until you are able to handle the grief of losing a loved one. There are statutes of limitations for filing wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits, and you don’t want to miss the filing date. Call a Dayton lawyer immediately and seek legal counsel about your situation. The first meeting is free and you will find out what options you have available and whether or not it is possible to recover things like medical and funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc.

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