Divorce and the Family Home

Once upon a time when people first got married, they felt they had the world by the tail and that nothing would quench their love.

Fast forward years later and we see a family with two kids, a large home and one parent working while the other stays home to care for the kids. They did well in the years prior to the recession, well enough to even have a home in an upscale part of town and send their children to a pricey private school. Then the recession hit and the breadwinner got demoted to another position in the company that paid a lot less. It was that or no job at all.

The financial strain of trying to keep up with all their debts and obligations began to take its toll. Both of them felt if they only had more money, things would be different, even easier. The breadwinner began to resent the partner who stayed home for not contributing financially to the household. The partner at home took great exception to the breadwinner taking the lower paying job, despite the fact it seemed like a smart move at the time. Dissention began to foment in the house and before they knew it, thoughts of divorce and talking to a Dayton divorce lawyer were spiraling through their heads. So much for the concept of love being able to conquer all. Unfortunately, love does not pay the mortgage or the kids’ schooling.
As financial pressure mounts, love tends to fly out the door. In this dreadful economy pulling the pin on a marriage is something that needs to be thought about long and hard before actually doing it. Nowadays, the very idea of having to pay child support and maintenance and anything else in addition as awarded by the courts is a chilling thought for the person potentially facing those payments. Many people are now opting for counseling and trying their best to make things work. It’s far less expensive to go the mediation route.

If the counseling doesn’t work, and in some instances, things are just too far gone to make any difference, a Dayton divorce lawyer is the only other option. It would, of course, be nice if the partners agreed on all the terms of a property division, custody issues, support and visitation rights. However, in most cases, this is nothing but a pipe dream with the couple sparring constantly. If you’re facing a situation like this, consult with a highly skilled Dayton divorce lawyer who will tell you upfront what your rights are and make sure you understand what is needed to make sure there is an equitable split of your assets.

Equitable splits are the stuff nightmares are made of and trying to figure out such things like how to divide the family home makes things exceedingly difficult. A few years back you could sell the house and split the profits or buy your former partner out. With the economy the way it is now, that isn’t possible and in fact, foreclosure is more of an issue than being able to equitably divide the property.

Another burning issue is the inability to pay to keep two separate households and pay support of some kind. Those living from payday to payday know full well the kind of struggle that entails. For these and other reasons, many couples are opting to stick it out in their marriage and see what happens later. Marry once; think twice about divorce in the 21st century in the middle of a recession.

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