Affordable Custom Home Office

You definitely need a more organized space for your Tampa home office, but have no idea how to get the look and feel that you want. Creativity is your watchword.

Picture this in your mind – a stunning Tampa home office tucked into your living space, waiting for you to use its efficiently and elegantly organized shelves and sweeping counter spaces. It will feature just the right balance between being breathtakingly beautiful and eminently efficient. It will be constructed of solid wood, only the finest will do of course, and will be finished in a warm rich tone that sets off the rest of your Tampa home office.

This isn’t just a dream. It could easily be your reality; your Tampa home office reality with a soupçon of quiet, classy distinction. Expensive you ask? A Tampa custom home office of real wood would be a touch more expensive than the cheap imitations on the market and there is a good reason for that. To build a Tampa home office of quality requires the use of solid wood, the kind that stands up to rigorous wear and tear, and yet still looks good years later – solid maple and other hardwood lumbers.

To build a Tampa custom home office that is made out of cheaper materials, which are customarily referred to as particleboard, means a decent looking office to start with, but one that will deteriorate over the years. It will also bubble over time if exposed to moisture, and who isn’t guilty of putting wet glasses and coffee mugs on their Tampa home office desk?

Sure it would be saving money in the short term to get a particleboard office system; however, when it comes apart, it has to be replaced. Replacing it means spending twice what you could have spent once by going with a real wood Tampa custom home office. That old saying about getting what you pay for is so true when it comes to the choice of buying a quality made product that lasts for years versus one that may make it for a year if you don’t treat it harshly.

Let’s face it, if you have kids at home and they also use the Tampa custom home office, then the office furniture will take a beating, no question. Solid wood stands up to pretty much anything; particleboard, on the other hand, chips horribly. So the question becomes whether you are willing to pay a bit more for a product that says this is truly your dream Tampa custom home office; an office that will enhance your living space with its very presence. Chances are you are willing to pay more for genuine quality and impeccable craftsmanship backed by a guarantee.

James Talarchyk is with Tampa closet and Tampa custom closet maker Bearcreek Closets. To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit

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