A Mesh of Cell Phone Gaming & Transformers, but What Happens When It Breaks?

The Cool8800C is a Nokia knockoff with kewl features that seem oddly matched, but it may be surprisingly easy to repair.

Cell phone gaming and transformers were a marriage that was bound to happen, sooner or later. One smart electronic gadget is morphing into another. This Cool8800C, a Nokia Smart Phone knockoff, is the newest techno-entry from Solomobi, a Chinese manufacturer and distributor of mobile phones. The thinga-gizmo is delicate, in the sense of cardboard, because it opens up into a PlayStation portable mode, complete with a d-pad. But its features are amazing for a hybrid, including trendy innovations that seem increasingly indispensable: E-book reader, FM radio, MP3/MP4, and an attractive LCD screen. When it works, the E-book reader is a real page-turner, the FM radio speakers are tiny but can be clearly heard up to six feet from their source, MP3 recordings sound tinny but are impressive considering that we’re still in the midst of the War on Terror and can’t be greedy, MP4 recordings are fainter but still barely audible– and that’s a good thing — and the embedded LCD screen comes in several flavors, including tutti-fruity.

But this level of performance can’t always be depended upon with the Cool8800C. Even the LCD screens can lose their luster when the knockoff is knocked around a bit. Other features of the thingee are even more impressive. NES games, also described as “old school” Nintendo, are mentioned, although titles don’t appear and there’s no clue about how to actually access them during “the best of times,” as Dickens might have said.

This hybrid contraption is a heck of a lot better than any Sony-made genuine PSP phone, especially when you consider that Sony does Skype which doesn’t really count. It’s true that this “C” thing barely functions when you look at it from a naysayer’s vantage, but what is really worrisome from Pollyanna’s perspective is what happens if your treasured little knockoff (still selling at $140.00)crashes completely?

The independent cell phone repair shops are the only place you can dare bring it to, when the unthinkable happens. Soon enough, your Cool8800C will be nifty again, and you’ll be able to turn the pages of any E-book of your choice. You’ll be so engrossed in the text by then that you won’t want to do anything else.

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