Will CPR Fix the New Touchscreen iPod-Like Thing When It Comes?

Before the end of 2009, it will be coming. The newest Apple will be a touchscreen, and though it will be a tablet computer sized like a Kindle, the prediction is that it too shall break.

CPR is fixing most anything these days. I-phones, Blackberries, Kindles, Palm pre, 3G, laptops & notebooks, it doesn’t seem to matter what it is. Their expert technicians used to just fix cell phones cheaply and quickly, but although CPR still fixes “at least several” of those communicating contraptions unknown to the Founding Fathers despite what Sarah Palin might say, and cell phone repair is still what they’re best known for, this trendsetting independent national chain of individually-franchised repair shops has become much more versatile. Since the realm of the I-touch has been breached by CPR’s fix-it gurus, anything seems possible, even engaging in a bit of speculative extrapolation.

Rumor has it that something made by Apple that looks nothing like a breadbox (if one were to guess) but might well resemble a Kindle in that it’s virtually certain to be a 9.7-inch diagonal, and that it will boast a touchscreen display computer tablet as it comes down from the R & D mountain in time for Halloween and that retail frenzy season otherwise known as Christmas – will become available by the millions. Assuming that this newest denizen of the mobile internet world will be reasonably priced (guesstimates of $800 for a single unit have been mentioned), this can only mean that the new whatsa-ma-callits, a touchscreen display iPod-like thingee made by Apple, will be widely available well before the dawn of 2010. Permitting yet another leap of faith, and notwithstanding any claims by Apple or its minions of the newest thingee’s indestructibility, or even similar boasts of such incentives singing the praises of extended manufacturer’s warranties, when the glitz wears off and someone is just a wee bit careless, who shall fix them, these newly-treasured computer tablets, when they inevitably break?

Just as the ingenuity of human error knows no bounds, so might the creativity of CPR’s expert technicians finally be challenged. The key word here is might.

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