The Stratton Faxon Story

The Connecticut personal injury and malpractice law firm, Stratton Faxon, was founded by two dedicated trial lawyers, Michael A. Stratton and Joel T. Faxon. Experienced in the courtroom and recognized by their peers, they are known as “principled” attorneys, giving voice in many cases to those who would have had no voice.

Stratton Faxon, based in New Haven, is a trial law firm dedicated to representing clients victimized by injuries often difficult to contemplate. “We represent plaintiffs who have suffered personal injury and loss in the most catastrophic ways,” says Joel T. Faxon. Often the large corporations, hospitals, religious and commercial entities they face in courtroom proceedings are interested in the bottom line – dollars and cents – while losing sight of the human equation that can lead to myriad forms of injustice. “We get to see a side of our society that can be very distressing to watch,” Michael A. Stratton explains, “Sometimes a glut of wealth and power is brought to bear against ordinary people in extraordinary ways that ruin families and destroy lives.”

It might be an accident or trauma whose root cause is neglect, or something more deliberate, with or without actual malice. But when a case is pursued, it can lead to high drama in the courtroom, and occasionally through the efforts of an excellent trial law firm, to a satisfying outcome. Experienced in the courtroom and recognized by their peers, the Stratton Faxon law firm is deeply committed to taking on the most difficult and egregious Connecticut personal injury and malpractice cases and bringing them before juries.

In 2006, Stratton Faxon won the highest personal injury verdict in Connecticut federal court history. Stratton Faxon was also ranked among the highest jury verdicts by the Connecticut Law Tribune. Michael and Joel have personally been named Connecticut “Super Lawyers” by the publishers of Connecticut Magazine for several years in a row.

The outstanding firm currently represents more than 250 families who have suffered injury due to Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex – defective Cox-2 inhibitor drugs used to treat arthritis pain but shown to possess dangerous side effects linked to clotting, heart attack, and stroke.

“The average person needs to know that without hardworking, authentic trial lawyers, it would simply be a world of might makes right,” Michael A. Stratton concludes.

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