The Solutions for Living Are Wood

It’s not often a company can boast that its products are not only made in the USA, but don’t have one shred of particleboard in them.

Bear Creek Closets in Tampa actually has bragging rights when it comes to using real wood to construct their custom designed closets and other storage solutions; for instance, custom closets that will enhance the private spaces in a home; laundry space solutions that make doing laundry efficient; and home entertainment solutions that will bring any living area to life through design and functionality.

It takes quality to create solutions that resonate with today’s environmentally conscious consumer; designs and innovative ways of making wood come alive that make it a welcome addition to any home. None of Bear Creek Closet’s products are made with less durable and cheaper particleboard for the simple reason that it will not endure the way wood does. “Our products are all made in the USA so we may customize to precise specifications,” added James Talarchyk of Bear Creek Closets, Tampa.

At one time particleboard was intended to be a cheap replacement for plywood, and the first commercial chunk of if came out of a factory in Germany during WWII. Back then, plywood was also used as an alternative to natural wood. In Bear Creek Closet’s case, the wood they use to create their customer requested designs is natural wood – the best one can get.

“Natural wood is often a much-preferred choice for home office solutions, and we craft everything we do with precision. We don’t cut corners and we always use top quality wood, no cheap plastic brackets or exposed metal,” said Talarchyk. Bear Creek Closets is also noted for their insistence on not using any “other” product to craft their designs, such as secondary hardwoods or cheaper softwoods.

If a consumer is looking for something to suit their lifestyle, their personal storage preferences, and to have it done in a classy manner with an eye on quality that suits the budget, it may be time to check out Bear Creek Closets in Tampa, Florida. Their online presence will provide shoppers with a complete outline of their most popular storage solutions.

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