The Difference Between Medicare Insurance and Medigap Insurance

Confusion is a four letter word when it comes to trying to figure out the difference between Medicare insurance and Medigap insurance.

There is a fairly common tendency for people to lump Medicare and Medigap insurance together, but they are actually two different plans that do two different things. So it’s best to know the differences before trying to select what is needed for coverage.

Medicare insurance is a government-sponsored program that a person is eligible for when they reach 65 years of age or have Medicare due to a disability. All of the coverage is standardized, in other words, it’s all the same for each individual, unless they want to change something. This is where the differences come into play. If a person wants to add something to the basic Medicare insurance, they need to buy Medicare supplement insurance.

Of course, if the standardized version of Medicare suits a person’s circumstances, there is no need to get Medicare supplement insurance. That is as rare as hen’s teeth though, as most people need their health benefits tailored to meet their circumstances. So, the deal is that Medicare supplements do just that – supplement the main Medicare program. Don’t get confused here by the term Medicare supplement insurance, as it’s just another term for Medigap, simply because it fills in the “gaps” the main program leaves open.

The usual difficulty becomes what Medigap plan will work the best, and provides the greatest coverage. This isn’t something that a lot of people like to try and do on their own because they find it too confusing. This is where an expert insurance broker comes into the picture. Find a broker with a sterling track record to assist with making the right choices for each person that requires coverage. Finding one that truly understands all the ramifications of each different situation is precisely the answer to a Medicare insurance shopper’s prayers.
Be aware that when requesting quotes for various options, the results will overwhelm the inbox on the computer, or the snail mailbox. This of course means hours of comparison work and this is where most people opt to speak to a trusted insurance broker to help them whittle down their extensive choices. It’s best to deal with brokers who have a large number of insurance companies on board, because this will ultimately provide everyone with what they need.

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