The Beef with Affordable Health Insurance

Would anyone really have a beef with a health insurance company that provided not only affordable health insurance, but also a decent variety of health insurance plans?

Even if you do get health insurance quotes that make your heart go pitter-patter because they happen to be on this side of more than reasonable, there is likely going to come a time when you need to get a problem with a claim sorted out. Then, decent health insurance plans or not, you want answers as to why your claim was denied and you want them now.

If you opted to get your health insurance quotes and purchase from a large online insurance website that happens to be in another state, far, far away, you might find yourself on the phone a lot. That doesn’t mean you will be getting any answers, it just means you will be on the phone often, “trying” to get answers. Health insurance quotes provided by a large volume broker are generally reasonable because they have precisely that – the volume to offer better rates, but that doesn’t mean they offer better service, as you may find out.

What would an insurance company in Hawaii know about the local hospitals in Rhode Island? Not a lot and the same thing may be said about trying to settle a denied claim while working with an insurance company that doesn’t know much about you or your area.

This isn’t to say that their policies aren’t good, because many of them are standardized across the nation (Medicare in particular); it just points out that getting a satisfactory resolution to a problem when you are that far away from the source is difficult, if not impossible. Fed up with being shunted from one department to another at the “big” insurance company, you may begin to regret not buying health insurance plans locally.

Dealing with a local agent will ensure you get a policy that is tailor made to your set of circumstances and lifestyle. It won’t be a “general” package that, while inexpensive, doesn’t do a thing for you. The thing about health insurance plans is that when you buy them, you are buying them for the long-term, not the short-term, so getting something that suits you now makes more sense than having to switch every year (unless you need to).

This is where speaking directly to a health insurance agent is a smart move. If you’ve had it up to your eyeballs dealing with out-of-state companies, it’s time to call around and make the acquaintance of the local agents. They aren’t there to sell you something unless that is what you want.

They’re there to walk you through the various pros and cons of health insurance quotes, what they mean to you now and in the future, and outline the differences in health insurance plans. Once you know these things, you then become an informed buyer who is able to make some wise choices.

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