Tampa Custom Home Office Takes the Environmental Lead

Made to order and designed to suit a customer’s office preferences, a Tampa custom home office is the way of the future and good for the environment.

It’s not often a manufacturer may boast of making a product that does not produce off gassing that will mess-up a home environment. Bear Creek Closets is allowed to boast about their use of solid wood construction with its Tampa custom home office solution. “We only use the best wood, grown in Kentucky and southern Indiana, and in using only wood, not the cheap chipboard, we are able to reduce harmful gas emissions in the home environment,” explained James Talarchyk of Bear Creek Closets, Tampa.

Harmful emissions from wood products might surprise a lot of people, but they are there in the form of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. “Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) seep out of certain solids and/or liquids in the form of a gas. Most VOCs are made up of a variety of toxic chemicals that affect a person’s health,” said Talarchyk. What many people don’t know is that VOCs are always higher indoors than outside – up to ten times higher.

Take a good look around a home or office and there will be VOCs leaking into the air from things like paints, lacquers, building materials, furnishings, office equipment and thousands of other items too numerous to mention. If a Tampa home office was set up in the den and budget chipboard or particleboard was used, this may be leaking VOCs into the home, along all the other products usually found in a residence that have volatile organic compounds.

One of the major reasons Bear Creek Closets strives to be “green” is because they realize the importance of this issue to every family in America. “Everything we do is custom ordered and done to the highest quality standards by top-notch carpenters who know their craft and do not cut corners or sacrifice quality by using cheap alternatives to finish a Tampa custom home office,” added Talarchyk.

Professional custom design is a big deal with Bear Creek Closets and they go out of their way to offer Tampa custom home office clientele superior storage solutions that suit each person’s home and individuality. There aren’t a lot of companies who take the time to actually understand what a customer wants, and inspects their environment to understand how the finished product will look when it is installed.

Whether the home office is cluttered or organized, Bear Creek Closets and Storage Systems seems to have a handle on what the ideal Tampa custom home office needs to meet the purchaser’s preferences. “Service, quality, premium products, reasonable prices, and attention to detail are watch words at Bear Creek,” said Talarchyk.

To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit Bearcreekclosets.com.

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