Spam Wars This Summer

Coming soon to a computer near you is all the spam, viruses, and Trojan-spawned malware that you’d ever want to meet.

The bad geeks couldn’t even spare the already tarnished memory of pop superstar Michael Jackson within days of his tragic demise. They had to create a worm piggybacking in an email that lured the unsuspecting into a treacherous Moonwalk when opened. The bad geeks have no shame.

The e-mail in question with the innocuous-sounding subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson” contained a corrupted zip file spread by USB memory sticks. Claiming to originate from, its wormy zip was supposed to contain secret songs and photos of the dead but bigger-than-life legend, but instead it was primed to infect your hard drive, and any others that you contacted with the efficiency of a Ponzi scheme.

Michael Jackson is just the tip of the gravestone. While spyware is on the wane, the new computer mal-boy of choice for evil geeks is the deceptive Trojans, no nicer now than they were in the time of Troy when Helen was still around. A Trojan used to be something else, an article worn that offered protection. Those safeguards are gone, only to be replaced by fake antivirus protections, counterfeit creations like MDW.

What to do? Where do you go to eradicate the lying software once it’s mistakenly loaded onto your ‘puter? An unlikely destination is the independent repair shop, the same place where you went to fix your iPod, Blackberry so cheaply and quickly you can take your notebook or your laptop. Increasingly as a sign of the times, these convenient places are becoming the ‘in’ place to find out what condition your condition is in – at least when it comes to infiltrators messing up your hard drive because some bad geek wants to have a little malicious fun at your expense. Don’t get mad, get even. Get rid of that MDW before it has a chance to cause too much hullaballoo.

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