Seriously, Your Water IS Contaminated

There is NO question about it, the water we drink is definitely contaminated and we should be aware that our reservoirs may be public health hazards.

It’s not just our tap water at home that is polluted; all the water we filter, even through our municipal filtration plants, is contaminated. This observation may apply to our reservoirs as well and that makes for a fairly grim picture. What is anyone doing about it?

To the credit of those who govern our water supplies, they are attempting to keep them clean. Unfortunately, politics plays a fairly large role in why we don’t have the kind of pristine water we really should have. Witness big manufacturing plants that dump things into the water that pollute it and then spend years trying to get out of penalties for pollution. Witness also the government that prosecutes them giving them “extra time” to get things cleaned up, while in the meantime, pollution continues to pour in our waterways.

The problem is, there is too much money to be made by ignoring or circumventing rules and regulations and whether or not we have clean drinking water isn’t a concern to those who pollute. Before you drink another glass of undistilled water, consider the risks you face every time you take a drink.

Chloramine and/or straight chlorine is one of the leading links to causing cancer. It’s only recently that scientists have finally figured out what long-term exposure to chlorine really means and the results aren’t that pretty. Sure chlorine is touted as a “necessary” bad thing to keep the evil crud at bay in our water.

It kills things we don’t even want to think about being in our water. The truth here is that chlorine and its by-products, no matter what you want to call them, encourage the production of free radicals in our bodies. These in turn cause cell damage, not to mention heart disease.

But, it’s not just chlorine we need to be worried about. We need to be aware that for every sip we take of undistilled water, that we may be swallowing the residue of other people’s drugs, both prescription and street drugs. Think birth control pills and sex hormones, antibiotics, heart medications, anti-inflammatories and other experimental drugs that flopped during their drug trials.

Where do all the chemicals wind up? In reservoirs and in other above ground systems. There is no way that our aging public treatment facilities are capable of being able to remove all these man-made chemicals from our water. That means it ultimately winds up in our taps.

Isn’t there another way to get good drinking water? The only water purification system capable of providing the purest, freshest water is distillation; the only process that ensures water is clean and safe to drink. No other water purification method is as effective as distillation.

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