Product Quality: An Issue in the 21st Century

Product quality is a serious issue in the 21st century and when consumers have the chance to shop quality that endures, a small business product niche thrives.

It goes without saying that many people would prefer to have quality surround them in their homes and personal spaces, whether that means closet solutions, wine pantry solutions or pantry organization. Not just any old organizer or shelving will do either, but solutions that have been quality crafted using all natural wood, no substitutes.

Bear Creek Closets located in Tampa, Florida, has stepped up to the plate to claim a major lead in the war on cheap materials being used to craft custom orders placed by their customers. “We don’t cut corners, we don’t use anything but real wood, and we design and install to order whatever our customers want, whether it be shelving etc., for a garage work space and storage or a fully functional and attractive home office,” said James Talarchyk of Bear Creek Closets.

While many people might be cutting economic corners because of the recession, thinking they are unable to afford quality, that is not the case. Bear Creek Closets know how to price their products attractively for today’s market and delivers affordable solutions crafted with the finest of materials, like solid maple. “We don’t go for the inexpensive hinges and brackets when we create an order. Everything is done by experienced carpenters working with care and attention to detail,” explained Talarchyk.

Attention to detail is another seemingly small, yet very significant, part of offering good customer service in the 21st century. These days people are reducing their spending and doing without in many areas. They certainly don’t have to do without when it comes to closet solutions or other storage alternatives.

Bear Creek Closets offer a product line second to none in ability to withstand being used constantly and the occasional rough and tumble banging that all growing families will dish out now and then. “We pay attention to the little things, like installing shelving of various depths to let you organize your pantry area by size of items,” added James Talarchyk of Bear Creek Closets, Tampa, Florida.

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