Month: July 2009

The Helmet Saves Lives in Motorcycle Crashes

While it might not be the most chic apparel you will ever wear, a motorcycle crash helmet may save your life. Most states have their own rules about helmets and if you have any questions about those laws, it is

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More Medicare and Medicare Supplements Misconceptions

The idea behind Big Pharma agreeing to lower drug costs for seniors is that they will likely see their prescription drug expenses cut in half – a huge step towards finally taking care of a significant segment of our population

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Medicare Health Reform

Comprehensive health care reform, while a large task, may be accomplished in small steps. The fact that Medicare plans will be changing in 2010 and drugs will cost less for seniors soon will mean reform of the health care system

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Prescription Drugs to Cost Less for Seniors

Good news for seniors in America! Pharmaceutical companies have agreed to cut the prices of prescription drugs for seniors. It’s a landmark announcement, that seniors will be able to take advantage of lower prescription drug costs in the near future.

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Retiring Before You Get Medicare Costs You More

Here is what happens if you choose to retire first before you are eligible for Medicare. The first thing you need to remember is that just because you retire early does NOT mean you are eligible for Medicare, because you

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Medicare and Early Retirement – You’ll Need How Much?

Shockingly enough, if you retire this year there is a good possibility that you will need up to $378,000 in savings just to handle your insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Bet that made you sit up and take notice. That

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You’ll Need More Money for Future Health Care

65 years of age or over? You may want to take a good look at your retirement funds to see if they will cover future health care expenses. Why would you want to do this? The costs of health care

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The Medicare Policy Switch

There comes a time in just about everyone’s life when they give some consideration to switching Medicare policies. This may be done, but the timing needs to be right. If the Medicare policy an individual has is working well for

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The Difference Between Medicare Insurance and Medigap Insurance

Confusion is a four letter word when it comes to trying to figure out the difference between Medicare insurance and Medigap insurance. There is a fairly common tendency for people to lump Medicare and Medigap insurance together, but they are

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Reduced Prescription Costs for Seniors Soon a Reality

The good news for seniors in America is that pharmaceutical companies have agreed to cut the prices of prescription drugs for seniors. It’s quite the landmark announcement to say the least, that seniors will be able to take advantage of

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