One Percent Fresh Water Available

It’s pretty disheartening to know that our planet’s water supply is only roughly 3% fresh, or useable. What’s worse is that only 1% of what is available is fit for human consumption.

While it may seem there is enough water in the world for everyone to live and let live, this isn’t actually the case. There is actually less than 1% of the 3% of available water that is considered suitable to be tapped for use. The rest is in a form that isn’t useable or even accessible, meaning the rest of the water is frozen or deep in the recesses of the Earth and not able to be reached.

The 1% that is useable isn’t necessarily useable for drinking or bathing, as it is contaminated with a variety of living things we don’t see such as protozoa, bacteria looking for a human host and viruses. None of these wave riders are safe and if the water isn’t treated, the consequences may be disastrous. Therein lies the conundrum, because when it is treated, it is still toxic and not safe to use.

The only way to ensure that homes and businesses in America have safe drinking water is to invest in a water distillation system. To say that treating the water Americans drink is an essential necessity would be a major understatement. To know that diseases such as typhoid and cholera may still be contracted in some parts of America is an eye-opening discovery. The water is not what it appears to be.

There are far too many reports in the media of towns discovering their whole water supply is contaminated with something that makes most of the residents ill. Something needs to be done, and if it isn’t accomplished on the wider scale, then people need to tend to their own home water needs by investing in a water distillation system.

While America may be a leading industrialized nation, they have water problems like third world countries. Be safe at home with the most effective in-home water treatment system that provides the purest, freshest water possible, a water distillation system. No other method of purification is as effective.

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