Insurance Buyer Beware

While it’s a good thing to be able to access lots of Illinois health insurance quotes online, it doesn’t always mean that what the consumer sees online will suit them.

It’s a smart choice to find health insurance quotes online because it saves time. However, saving time and finding out what a person really needs to know doesn’t always work when surfing the Internet. There’s definitely a plethora of information about various Illinois health insurance plans, but is “all” the information there?

People may even apply for insurance online in the convenience of their own home, thinking they will avoid speaking to an Illinois health insurance broker. This is where people begin to fall through the cracks. Even if they are offered multiple Illinois health insurance quotes to compare online, no online insurance quote is able to completely answer all the questions a health insurance shopper may have.

Furthermore, even if an online shopper uses the single engine quoting technology, it doesn’t mean they will get quotes on all the plans that are actually available. This largely depends on the state where the consumer lives, who the insurance carriers are, and which plan options that particular Illinois health insurance agency offers. Since these Illinois health insurance quotes can’t give everyone every last plan they have online, most carriers will ask for contact information.

Once personal information is given, then in most cases, insurance companies are able to directly contact the consumer, if they want that kind of contact. There is an understandable reluctance to provide personal information by this method (quoting software) as there are some companies (even though they do provide quotes) that really only want the personal information to re-sell it.

A person who suddenly gets a whole slew of emails and phone calls from businesses vaguely related to Illinois health insurance will know their personal information was passed on. This is highly frustrating to people just wanting a quote and to talk to an agent for further clarification.

The other insurance marketing reality on the Internet is the tech companies who work it so their websites specifically gather names and contact info. The thing is that insurance agents or agencies do not own these sites; they belong to a company who sells leads to Illinois health insurance agents. The lesson is that if someone is searching for health insurance information, check the authenticity of the site by placing a call to the agent listed on the site.

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