Hinges That Really Work

How refreshing to know that there is actually a way to get a professionally designed, custom ordered closet or alternative storage solution for a reasonable price.

Bear Creek Closets in Tampa, Florida, has a lot going for it, and they plan to capitalize their professional approach to making closets and other storage solutions for American homes. They’ve been able to build an enviable reputation for quality and unique designs that has preceded them in the industry.

“We’ve learned early on that people wanted quality and not something made with cheap wood. They genuinely wanted the best product available and wanted it crafted in such a way that the hinges actually worked,” laughed James Talarchyk, of Bear Creek Closets in Tampa.

So many furniture products, shelving solutions, storage alternatives and home office layouts on the market these days leave a great deal to be desired because the quality just isn’t present. With Bear Creek everything works, including the hinges, because everything they use to build their custom product is premium quality.

Buyers would be hard pressed to find a genuine piece of wood on the shelf of those famous mass-marketing giant stores. What they sell, although it does look good and may serve a purpose for the short-term, is particleboard furniture and closets. Admittedly particleboard does look good when it’s first put together to create a home office solution. However, this type of cheap lumber will degrade very rapidly leaving the consumer wondering why they spent the money in the first place.

Most customers will opt to buy cheaper because of budget concerns. The problem with that mindset is that buying cheaper means replacing sooner, and there isn’t any money saved then. It would be best to make the investment in real wood, the kind of wood that withstands the tests thrown at it on a daily basis. The kind of craftsmanship that speaks for itself every day it’s used. “We custom make everything at Bear Creek Closets and Storage Solutions and our solutions truly do fit our customers’ lifestyles, that’s our raison d’être,” added Talarchyk.

To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit Bearcreekclosets.com.

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