Golfing Nightmare Ends Happily

Thanks to an insurance policy provided by a California Health Insurance agent, the hospitalization of Bob Parr’s golfing buddy was covered.

Bob was kidded about his name whenever he played golf. “How come you never make pars?” his golfing buddies teased. The truth be known — Bob Parr was a lousy golfer. He shanked or hooked most drives, and popcorned his iron shots. He missed putts less than four inches in length. “I’ve never seen anybody do that,” remarked Bob’s friend John P. Knotworth. But on the 12th hole, a par-three dogleg, the unfortunate Knotworth was standing about fifty feet down the fairway when Bob Parr struck his fateful tee shot with an ancient driver. Knotworth was way off to the side and seemingly safely out of Bob’s line of fire. The golf ball, a brand new dimpled Titleist, had other ideas. Struck hard by big Bob, who stood six foot six and weighed close to 250 pounds without his cleats, the Titleist careened on a straight diagonal, striking John P. squarely on his forehead before he had a chance to duck, knocking him cold. Pete and Gary, two other members of the foursome, gazed upon the scene in horror. Bob was mortified by the accident he’d caused. “Oh no!” Bob screamed. John P. Knotworth resembled a dead sunfish lying by a golf course pond even by the time the paramedics arrived.

The next day when the foursome had gathered in John P.’s hospital room, the victim was conscious and smiling, although the raised welt on his forehead looked angrier than the sting of a hornet. Pete and Gary were grinning too, but big Bob was worried – perhaps because he’d been responsible. “I’ll pay your bill,” Bob offered graciously, “it’s the least I can do.”

John P. Knotworth laughed a hearty laugh that sounded a bit like a long drive struck correctly, straight as an arrow. The knot on his forehead must have still been hurting, but he didn’t let on. “Forget about it. My California Health Insurance agent sold me a policy a while back. We got you covered Bob.”

Pete and Gary joined John P. in a fit of manly laughter that must have lasted for two minutes while Bob just stood there, finally managing a sheepish grin of his own.

“I’ll practice more on the driving range,” Bob promised. “I’ll hit five hundred balls!”

Pete was a jokester right then. “Better make that a million!” he said. That line got everybody laughing.

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