For Those Who Need Insurance Now

When it comes to denying Illinois health insurance for pre-existing conditions, or having to sit out a waiting period, Americans are wondering what’s the point in having insurance.

If someone does have a pre-existing condition and gets declined by an Illinois health insurance company, or in the alternative, gets told they could have coverage, but only after sitting out a waiting period, what good is health insurance? “People in these situations need Illinois health insurance now, not later. The plain facts of life are that if an individual is forced into a waiting period before getting coverage, it might be too late,” said Randy Gillespie of the Focus Insurance Group in Liberty, Illinois.

It’s downright amazing the kind of creative excuses that some Illinois health insurance companies use to not pay claims. While this is somewhat amusing, those who are currently pregnant might not be so thrilled with the fact that pregnancy is classified as a pre-existing condition. That means some insurance companies may deny you coverage if you are pregnant when you apply for insurance.

As unfortunate as this kind of behavior may be, it is the result of a free market populated with private health care companies. All of these private health care companies also have one thing in mind – the bottom financial line. If they think someone will cost them money, they may try and find a way to not offer Illinois health insurance. However, that does leave some people in a major bind.

There is a way around situations like this and that is to shop for guaranteed issue Illinois health insurance. “This means a person won’t be denied health insurance – period. It means everyone gets approved, no matter what their medical history happens to be, whether or not they have pre-existing conditions, or are a higher risk for certain diseases or conditions. It’s definitely possible to find guaranteed issue health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions,” added Randy Gillespie of the Focus Insurance Group in Liberty, Illinois.

To find out more information about guaranteed issue health insurance for pre-existing conditions, contact an experienced Illinois health insurance broker who will not only explain how guaranteed issue works, but what its benefits are and how to sign up for it, if that is the decision.

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