Epcon’s Industrial Afterburners & Thermal Oxidizers

Epcon’s patented and oft-customized oxidation technologies are unrivaled in the industry.

Epcon is an industry leader in industrial afterburner technology. Whether it’s building a custom unit for stand alone or trailer-mounted applications, or offering a medley of purchase, lease, or rental agreements to suit any need, Epcon is the “afterburner specialist.”

Afterburners can be ideal solutions for high solvent loading and fluctuating operating conditions. Flame arrestors are always installed between the vapor source and the thermal oxidizer. Burner capacities in the combustion chamber range from 0.5 to 2mm BtuH. Operating temperatures range from 1,250 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, while gas residence times are typically a second or less. These conditions invariably result in a breakdown of the process stream’s molecular structure as carbon dioxide and water vapor are evenly distributed.

While Epcon’s industrial afterburner technologies are technically a configuration of oxidizers, our more traditional configurations include either the RTOs (regenerative or recuperative) thermal oxidizers, or catalytic oxidizers.

Whatever the configuration, all are based on our own original designs. Whatever the design selected, Epcon can provide a standard or custom built oxidation system for the efficient thermal destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gases that can be eliminated by thermal destruction. A thermal oxidizing system designed and built by Epcon will combine the precise configuration of high temperature, turbulent conditions, and residence time to assure complete destruction of VOCs or other contaminants in the air stream. An Epcon thermal oxidizer can be built to handle any size volume of gas. An air pollution control system or any number of customized applications can be a perfect fit for facilitating your in-house process.

In any instance, Epcon’s technical sales staff will integrate “your” system from inception to completion. What you get is an efficient, customized product.

Design and engineering doesn’t just happen. Our competent staff of highly experienced engineers, including a cadre of SolidWorks & AutoCad specialists, make good things happen – using their in-depth product knowledge and specific knowledge of the industries we serve – as a culmination of testing conducted within our own on-site manufacturing facility. All systems are preassembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment. With Epcon, delivery and installation is not just an afterthought – even if it’s an afterburner.

To learn more about thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, air pollution control systems, industrial ovens at Epconlp.com.

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