Despite Health Insurance Changes Coming, Our Rates May Still Soar

Illinois health insurance rates will likely go up in the near future. It’s a bit inevitable, like taxes.

The question is why are the Illinois health insurance rates sneaking up? The answer isn’t going to be something many people like, although they may identify with it when they stop to think about it. The reason Illinois health insurance rates are going up over time is directly due to us. In plain English, we don’t look after ourselves and because we don’t, we have driven up the cost of health care.

Life is about choices, and many of us have made the choice to smoke, drink, take drugs, and participate in extreme sports that are dangerous or just in general live life on the edge. Many of us have also chosen to be overweight because we don’t have the inclination to work out or eat properly. Americans have the highest rate of obesity in the developed world and the costs of treating these patients, along with smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts, is staggering.

There are other factors that drive up the costs of health care as well. For instance, medical errors and medical inflation drive up the price tag on Illinois health insurance rates. While medical errors do tend to be costly, the good news is that they appear to be on the decline for now.

The real high ticket item in the health system is medical inflation, and the problem is, no one knows the “real” prices of any medical services provided. If someone needs a broken finger set and wants to know the cost, no one will volunteer that information.

This is because no one knows what the bill will be until it is made up – literally. While it may have been worth $150 on a regular day, it might be that an extra splint was needed for the finger, adding another $50 to the tab later. No one will even give what they think is a reasonable guesstimate for services either. You tend to be billed for each item used. Now we know why the costs are so high and somewhat on the creative side.

Doctor’s offices do tell the largest insurance companies paying the bills how much it costs per day to stay in the hospital and what a certain surgery costs. This is because the doctor is paid a rate by the insurance company and then bills the patient extra for other items.

For lower Illinois health insurance rates don’t smoke, don’t drink in excess, and get motivated to work out. The healthier a person is, the less expensive health care costs tend to be.

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