Defective Drugs Take Their Toll

Anyone who has been made sick by taking a drug with ghastly side effects knows full well they can take their deadly toll.

Getting sick means putting your trust in the hands of doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers. Sometimes that trust is betrayed in a way that results in serious injuries or death by taking defective drugs. If someone takes a defective drug, there are product liability laws designed to hold people responsible.

A defective drug is one that has severe adverse side effects. “It isn’t only a prescription drug, it may also be one sold over the counter,” indicated Jack Zinda, a partner at the law firm of Heselmeyer Zinda PLLC, in Austin, Texas.

In some instances, drug companies know about the side effects and market the drug anyway. In other cases, they find out about the side effects later and either choose to keep the drug on the market, or have it recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“The bottom line in cases involving a defective drug is that if the drug caused harm to a person, and the drug company knew about the dangerous side effects and chose to do nothing, they may be found liable for the consequences,” added Zinda. Drug companies are responsible to test their drugs for side effects before taking them to market. Additionally, they are required to advise people about those side effects.

“Despite the fact that the U.S. FDA is mandated to safeguard public safety and health, there are far too many instances where defective drugs with deadly side effects are approved and remain on the market despite reported severe drug reactions and deaths,” stated Jack Zinda, a partner at the law firm of Heselmeyer Zinda PLLC, in Austin, Texas.

The FDA doesn’t have enough manpower to keep track of all the drugs brought to the marketplace, and they often find out about the side effects later. This is often too late for people who took the drug(s) believing that they were safe.

If faced with a situation where a drug has caused devastating side effects or death, contact a defective product attorney post haste and have the case assessed. Jack Zinda, partner at the law firm of Heselmeyer Zinda PLLC, in Austin, Texas, handles these types of cases.

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