CPR Attacks Computer Viruses

CPR does more than repair cell phones and electronic devices these days. The independent chain of repair shops is now into cleaning up PC hard drives.

With the sad passing of pop icon Michael Jackson during the waning days of June, it was bound to happen: Evil geeks set loose a computer virus that played on the music superstar’s death.

In fact, at least a baker’s dozen worth of viruses, malware, and spam bearing the subject heading ‘Michael Jackson’ were making the rounds of computers worldwide.

One significant contaminant was posing as an innocuous e-mail under the subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson.” This techno-crawlie was circulating with a worm contained therein. A zip file attachment would latch onto a victim’s hard drive if downloaded. The e-mail, claiming to originate from sarah@michaeljackson.com, indicated that the attached zip contained secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson. But it was only a worm that was up to no good, no good at all.

Whether or not your computer has been “Michael Jacksoned,” you’ve probably picked up vicious viruses at some time in your downloading history. You might even have difficultly when trying to eradicate contaminants messing up your hard drive right now. What can you do about it when your name brand virus protection software package fails, and all else seems to?

You can have a good geek come to your computer to clean it up, at outrageous “house call” rates. You can take it in to a computer retail store where you got it, lock, stock, and hard drive – with all of the hassle and expense potentially entailed. Or you can take it down to CPR – especially your laptop or notebook – the same place where you got your cell phone and your Blackberry and your iPod fixed so cheaply and quickly.

CPR’s expert and experienced technicians are ready for any virus that might be ruining your Internet surfing, rearing its ugly head like a worm bearing fangs. It seems like there’s a new malicious virus or malware catching you unawares just about every week. If it wasn’t Michael Jackson, it might have been something equally trendy just to make you open it … open it … why don’t you open it? Not!

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