Chloramine Disinfects but Still Harms

No matter what you “call” it, it is still a contaminant that we all need to be aware is being used to disinfect our water. Chloramine by any other name is still toxic.

Along with the health care system and the economy, contaminated drinking water is another hot button for most Americans. Sadly though, there are many people who still feel that this isn’t really an issue, simply because their water looks and smells fine. If it were only that simple.

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that just about every day there is something in your local newspapers about what is in your drinking water that will shock and dismay you. The long laundry list, which is staggering and includes over 2,000 diverse toxic chemicals, would be too long for this article, but suffice it to say that the list includes things like fertilizers, various drugs (prescription and otherwise), hormones, rocket fuel, viruses, lead, mercury, arsenic and, and, and. It’s bad and we need to do something about this, if not for the nation as a whole, then for our own families.

Municipal water treatment plants were routinely in the habit of using chlorine bleach to disinfect water, and some may still be doing that as you read this article. However, many municipalities are beginning to switch over to chloramine (a blend of ammonia and chlorine) to do the deed. The trouble with chloramine is that it remains in the water supply longer and has a superb record for leaching lead from fittings and pipes. Just what we need, more lead in the water. Lead of course is a cancer-causing agent.

We’re not quite sure why the powers that be in their infinite wisdom think that going to yet another highly toxic chemical, that is worse than bleach, will improve our drinking water any time soon. Everything we pitch down the drain, and that includes the chloramine added at the treatment plant, winds up in our taps. Yes, everything, even those pills that someone in the house may have flushed down the sink drain because they weren’t going to take the rest of them.

If every house on the block, in the city, in the county, in the state, etc., did that, imagine what you would have in your water. The trouble is, everyone “does” do this to a certain extent. The neighbor who uses lawn chemicals for a nice yard, the farmer who fertilizes his fields for a higher yield, the drug manufacturer who sneaks his waste water from the drug plant into the main river flowing past the plant – every one of those people is adding toxins to our water supply.

How do we avoid the chemical soup that comes in out taps? The only way to make sure we’re safe at home and get the purest, freshest water we can, is to buy a water distillation system. No other method of purification is as effective as distillation.

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