Call It a Walk-In with Class

Making your living area into something that is really special requires the quality of custom designed and built wood closets.

It has to be wood, that’s all there is to it. If you want quality closet space and storage solutions throughout your home – that suits your home and blends into each area in a tasteful way – then you need to consider having those spaces designed and created out of wood, and only wood.

Why the emphasis on wood? In this day and age, most of the furniture and other items in your home are often made from cheaper and less durable chipboard or particleboard. While this material does happen to be functional when its surface is painted or veneered, it has a nasty habit of deteriorating over time. This makes sense because it is really a composite product made of a little of this and a little of that and then all glued together.

Particleboard does have its place in the industry for those who still like things that temporarily look good and are not as pricey as other alternatives on the market. The thing is, wood is really the only option that is going to stand the test of time in your home. Let’s face it, closets get a lot of traffic and rough handling. If they aren’t made out of wood, and crafted in a durable “attention to quality” kind of manner, you can bet the wear and tear will make that closet look like it’s seen better days – and it has.

What a discerning customer really appreciates is closets and storage solutions that suit their lifestyle and environment to a T. Customers want functional, beautiful, made with attention to detail, and put together the way they should be – without cutting corners. This means actually calling a company that will make your closet spaces to order without sacrificing anything in the process.

Heard that old saying, “They don’t make things like they used to?” Honestly, in many cases that may be true. However, if you take the time to search the Internet for a company where quality design and construction come first, you will get precisely what you want for a reasonable price – and have all the construction done using real wood. No imitations, no shortcuts and no cheap hardware; just closet solutions that make your living space a joy every day.

James Talarchyk is with Tampa closet and Tampa custom closet maker Bearcreek Closets. To learn more about custom closet systems or custom home office systems, visit

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