Apple Has a Touchscreen Up Its Sleeve

The newest member of the Apple family is due to be born to consumers come October, and it will be a tablet computer priced relatively reasonably. But who will fix them when they inevitably break?

It’s only a rumor so far, arriving upon American ears via a Chinese website (Taiwanese). But come October, a splendid thingee might greet consumers as a boon to Halloween. An Apple in some bags of treats may be a leap in mass consumer technology featuring a handheld touchscreen computer, its attractive display less than a ten inch diagonal in size – smaller than most netbooks yet adding an iPod flavor to its ownership experience.

Apple has long hinted that such a tablet will be brought down from its R & D mountain, even if Moses has long been dead and so is Charlton Heston. Apple has never touted a netbook of its own, and to tout one just in time for the 2009 Christmas season would be a coup in itself. The touchy feely among us (of which there are many) would relish such a gadget, as would such denizens of Nerd-vana as Ebook readers and people beginning to get bored with their smartphones. The excited murmurs are predicting a price in the $800 range and sans a physical keyboard or a slider (it might come equipped with a slider) this newest electronic gadget looms as the next new fad impetus destined to slide the mobile internet into a nouveau perceived realm.

The size, precisely 9.7-inch as a diagonal, is probably influenced by the Kindle (which is practically identical as to how big it is, an often-asked question), and due to that product’s demonstrable success, should make the Apple tablet whatever it’s called into a hot item with brisk sales manifested during the buying season when retail counts the most.

But this Apple touchscreen to be, like anything sold by the millions, is bound to fail even before the novelty of its existence wears off. What kinds of warranties will Apple or distributors offer, and how useful will these be? It will be a rather expensive item to break, and certainly treasured by many leaving Nerd-vana. Will it be repairable at places that once fixed cell phones and iPods and Blackberries – like independent repair shops when all else fails?

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