2100 Toxic Chemicals and Counting

The sheer staggering numbers of toxic chemicals in the water people drink is horrendous – 2,100 and counting, and no one knows where it will end.

If there was a dime handed out for every chemical or other toxic waste dumped into the world’s water supply, people would be rich. It’s not just the world’s water supplies that are the concern either. Right here at home in the United States, municipal water supplies are contaminated to one degree or another.

While there may be some modern water filtering technology in a few of the filtration plants, they would be few and far between due to the enormous costs of having a plant that actually does its job and removes crud from the water. The easiest route for most municipalities right now is to use the toxic chemicals chlorine or Chloramine because they’re cheap and easy to find. To say that Americans are drinking safe water would be a major fib.

Looking at a glass of freshly poured water might lead some to believe that it is just fine to drink. It looks clear and doesn’t seem to have any noticeable bad taste. If these two criteria are passed, then it means the water is safe to drink. Clean and clear are two different things, and being clear doesn’t mean it’s necessarily clean and safe.

For Americans to have safe water, they are going to have to take matters into their own hands and do something about having clean, fresh and safe water in their homes. They need to revolt against the contaminated stuff that comes out of the tap. If there is any doubt about the fact that the water people are currently drinking is dangerous in the long-term, listen to Ralph Nader.

Everyone knows who Ralph Nader is and they may also recall his comment when asked about America’s water on tap: “US drinking water has more than 2,100 chemicals in it that may cause cancer.” Definitely not the kind of news people want to hear – that that nation is swallowing a nasty chemical brew every time they have a drink of water.

There is only one way to make a difference at home and ensure there is a clean and safe water supply. The only water purification system that is able to provide the purest, freshest water is distillation; the only process that ensures water is clean and safe to drink. No other water purification method is as effective as distillation.

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