Read All Health Insurance Policies

This is something people hear every day from their health insurance agents, “Make sure to read your policy.” It’s quite dismal how many people choose to ignore that piece of advice. They later find themselves in a total flap when they discover their insurance policy does not provide them with the coverage they “thought” it did.

“Not reading polices is so prevalent that unfortunately there are some insurance agents who don’t offer this wise piece of advice and instead just tell their customers they’re covered,” said Richard Cantu, of GOMedigap in Texas. People really need to know what they are getting in their health insurance policies and also need to understand what is “not” provided either.

Take the time to get informed about the policy that seems to be the one that will offer the best coverage. “Read the actual policy, ask other friends about their experiences and policies and get their opinions and last, but not least, go online to the Medicare site and read all the articles to get an even better in-depth knowledge of the various benefits offered for the various plans/supplements,” advised Cantu. Make it a point to also verify with the health insurance agent that the policy does provide certain things that are required by a family or individual.

While this might seem like a great deal of work to just buy a health insurance policy, it is work that will pay off later if that same policy needs to be used and it performs as expected. “There is nothing worse than buying a health insurance policy thinking it covers one thing and finding out later it does not and out of pocket expenses need to be paid,” added said Richard Cantu, of GOMedigap in Texas.

Consider this as well when reading the fine print on various health insurance policies. Knowing what each one says, offers and doesn’t offer is a valuable thing to understand when comparing current health insurance plans with future health insurance policies. Future health insurance policies? In 2010 things in the US health care system are going to get turned upside down, and nothing will be the same as it was. Be an informed health insurance buyer or beware.

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