More Common Misconceptions About Medicare and Medicare Supplements

Many people think they are only able to switch Medicare supplements during the anniversary enrollment period of November 15th to December 31st. This isn’t the case.

For some strange reason many people seem to think that they are only allowed to switch their Medicare supplements during the anniversary enrollment period. The actual truth is that they are able to switch at any time during the year so long as they are medically qualified to do so.

Medicare Advantage plan and Part D of the drug supplement are the only plans that can be switched between November 15 and December 31 of each year.

Furthermore, Medicare Advantage plans seem to be losing their luster. Well Care and Coventry, two of the biggest names in the Medicare health insurance business, won’t be offering Medicare Advantage in 2010. They will be totally out of business because they can’t afford to offer the Medicare Advantage plan. The reason is because the government is reducing the amount paid to companies offering Medicare Advantage.

Coventry handles Medicare Advantage benefits for well over 318 thousand people. It’s safe to say that tens of thousands of Medicare Advantage recipients will be wondering what they are going to do with the demise of the Medicare Advantage plan.

Some good news about the death of Medicare Advantage is that you will be guaranteed issue for 63 days once your plan is no longer in effect. Talk to a local health insurance agent now to plan for the future. Choose one that knows their Medicare inside out and will be able to walk you through other alternatives.

Again, it is a common misconception about Medicare that people can only change coverage during the anniversary enrollment. This could easily be put to rest if people needing this kind of information took the time to do a little research on the Internet. In the alternative, they could make a call to their local Medicare health insurance agent and ask some pointed questions about qualifying dates and how those apply to their particular situation.

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