Does America Really Have Contaminated Water?

Despite all the evidence, media reports, exposés, in-depth investigative reports, and government reports, some people still think our water is safe to drink right from the tap.

A lot of people even question whether or not there is such a thing as contaminated water in America. That may be due to the fact that what they cannot see does not therefore exist. However, if these very same people took the time to read and research the question of contaminated water, they’d know instantly that contaminated water in America is a stark reality.

The reason our water is so polluted tends to relate to the excessive use of pesticides and herbicides found in just about every home across America. Furthermore, their indiscriminate use just escalates the problem daily. It’s one thing to think of adults dealing with all the thousands of contaminants in water, but children are an entirely different matter.

Younger children drink fairly large volumes of water in a variety of forms from ice in their drinks to Kool-Aid made with tap water. Since the little ones weigh less, they are receiving a much larger dose of toxic chemicals than a larger, heavier adult. It’s not just the pesticides causing damage either. It’s things like man-made synthetic chemicals, drugs, lead, chlorine, other human generated garbage, and disease-laden viruses and microbes. While the quantities of toxic water a child is consuming may be low per serving, the results add up over time.

Farmers, homeowners, lawn care businesses, golf courses, etc., don’t seem to realize or care, that their use of chemicals on the land will cause those very same chemicals to wind up back in the water system. Humanity, as a whole, is doing a particularly bad job of caring for the resources of the Earth and yet we wonder why we have water that is not fit to drink.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if we pollute our own environment, we will ultimately pay the consequences. There is really only one way to ensure your home has safe drinking water – a home distillation water system. During distillation, tap water is heated in a stainless steel vaporizing chamber, becoming sterilized steam. The vapor is condensed back to its original state but without the chemicals, pollutants and toxins. No other water filtration process is as effective.

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