Contaminated Water Isn’t Just a Third World Country Problem

Most people figure that water contamination is a third world problem and that there is no way this could be a complication in America.

Third world countries are not the only locations in the world with serious water contamination issues. The fact is that we have this same issue right in our own backyards, so we can’t blame the destruction of water plants on a conflict or war for our problems. Or can we? The war on budgets has far reaching consequences on the quality of our water, whether we want to admit it or not.

Although our infrastructures have not necessarily been ravaged by war, etc., they are succumbing to old age, disrepair, negligence and band-aid therapy to keep them going. To say that the water filtration plants that we have today are woefully inadequate is a major understatement.

To get this message across to the millions who drink this contaminated water is entirely another issue. Many Americans feel we only have a water issue if it relates to a terrorist attack. In actual fact, we are under attack daily from the pollutants coursing in the water from various sources.

The real kicker is that if it isn’t one evil, it’s another. By this we mean if it isn’t outside contaminants (drugs, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, etc.) then we get zinged with the toxic chemicals to get rid of the toxic chemicals. Rather reminds one of a gong show. Municipal water filtration plants use cheap chemicals (e.g. chlorine) to zap the water clean. Chlorine is a toxic chemical on its own and it remains behind even if the “other” pollutants were taken out. Can’t win for losing some days.

In the final analysis, it’s not just the water that is the problem; it’s just a part of the overall problem. Part one is poor water, contaminated with a great long laundry list of chemicals, etc., and part two are the aging filtration plants who can’t keep up with the task of eliminating those toxins on the list of contaminants that grows longer every day.

The only real method of effectively dealing with contaminated water is a water distillation system. It is one system that effectively removes things like lead, chlorine and other water borne contaminants.

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