Bigger Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Have Better Doctor Networks

There is a myth floating around that bigger Medicare supplement insurance companies have much better doctor networks and take more patients on Medicare. This is a myth.

The truth of the matter is that any doctor that takes Medicare will accept any standard Medicare supplement insurance, no matter the size health insurance company offering it. This of course implies that there is non-standard Medicare coverage, something that needs to be discussed with a local Medicare health insurance agent.

There is a big difference in how health care operates with Medicare as compared to how it operates prior to age 65. When a person is under 65 and on a company or individual health insurance policy, they have to worry about seeing doctors within that particular insurance providers PPO or HMO network.

Once they have Medicare and a Medicare supplement it changes considerably. Because of the standardization of Medicare supplement plans, they no longer have to worry about whether one insurance provider is going to provide better access to a larger group of doctors; or if a doctor will choose to take one Medicare supplement insurance company’s plan versus another.

If the doctor accepts Medicare supplements he or she will accept a Standard Medicare supplement policy from any insurance company – whether it be a very large company everyone’s heard of or a very small regional insurance company providing Medicare supplements.

A lot of this has to do with the standardization of plans and claims processing by Medicare. What’s great about this is that, once a person has determined which plan they prefer, they may shop the market to determine who is going to give the best rate. This gives the peace of mind that the plan will work the same no matter from which company it was purchased.

So, go figure out which plan is the preferred one and find a reputable Medicare supplement insurance agent who brokers several companies to help people determine which company will provide the best rate for this standardized coverage.

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