A Rally in Deathtown

When organizers of an anti-immigrant rally in Deathtown, Pennsylvania, realized they’d invited a neo-Nazi to a May 30, 2009, event to rabble rouse around the acquittal of two young men involved in the killing of Luis Ramirez, their best-laid plans never made it to fruition.

It’s almost ironic. Deathtown became a death knell for a scheduled May 30th anti-immigrant rally celebrating the acquittal of two young men involved in the killing of Luis Ramirez. The reason for the cancellation was poetic if not quite ironic: the invited main speaker was an avowed neo-Nazi and white supremacist. Although a conflict with the borough’s Keilbasi Festival also figured into the equation, organizer and Shenandoah native Joe Miller expressed in the local newspaper that he and other members of his group, Americans for Legal Immigration, worried about what invited speaker John de Nugent might say when speaking at their rally. “I guess we were concerned about his political views, and about him being a white supremacist, or whatever they called him,” Miller said.

John de Nugent took issue with the label “white supremacist” and described himself as a “white nationalist” on his website.

Miller had feared embarrassment for his group of upstanding Americans and found more than enough potential for it when several items gave him pause. For instance, on de Nugent’s home page, a photo of Ben Bernanke was identified with the caption: Ben Bernanke, the Jew who controls all U.S. money in a nation that is 98% non-Jewish. Do you know your real masters? These leaders of the J-Team, the Jewish power-brokers, run the USA regime of fear – and tell their puppets – Bush, the Slick-living Obamanation and Cain – what to say and what never to discuss in public about their power and crimes.

“Our group has never been anti-Jewish,” protested Miller in defending ALI. “It’s just the Mexican illegals that we’re against.” He had to set the record straight. ALI was only attempting to capitalize on anti-Mexican immigrant hatred and has “nothing against Jews.” Added Miller about Ramirez, victim of a small mob who was put to death by persons unknown for no reason; that was made abundantly evident in the Pennsylvania courtroom where the trial of two young white men, valued members of the community, took place, “These things happen.” He could have added, “Especially in Deathtown.”

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