What Will You Do When Medicare Advantage No Longer Exists?

Give some thought to what you would do if you no longer had Medicare Advantage, because in 2010 it will no longer be offered.

Come 2010 there are many things that will be changing in America’s health care landscape, not the least of which is the demise of Medicare Advantage, the old Medicare supplement plans A through G being phased out, and new plans A through G being phased in.

What will all these changes mean? To start with, there will inevitably be a lot of confusion about the changes. So for the better part of 2010, it might be very difficult to get to the bottom of what is going on with your health insurance. For instance, with regard to the changes in Medicare supplements, you will find you will either be in a closed risk pool prior to the June 1, 2010, switch-over date, or in a different (but similar) closed risk pool after the switch-over date.

What is going to cause the most confusion is that fact that nothing in plans A through G will be changing. The only thing that will make a difference is what “pool” you may end up in. Both pools, since they will be closed, will likely initially see a decrease in premiums, as the competition will be fierce for those wanting to buy health insurance. Whether or not the prices will continue to remain low is another question entirely.

Generally speaking a closed risk pool will mean higher prices for benefits. There are apparently another two additions to the Medicare supplement line up, Plan M and N, but no one seems to have all the details about what they will or will not provide.

The fact that Wellcare and Coventry will no longer carry Medicare Advantage will be disturbing to those already on such a plan. Medicare Advantage was designed for people over 65 or under 65 and on Medicare disability. Those losing this advantage will need to be integrated into the mainstream Medicare plans in some way. This is why it would be wise to speak with a knowledgeable health insurance agent now, before losing Medicare Advantage becomes an urgent issue.

One thing to note about the demise of Medicare Advantage is that those who currently have it will have guaranteed issue for 63 days. While this may be enough time for many to find alternative health insurance coverage, it would be smart to start looking now and be prepared, so you may avoid the inevitable confusion and backlog in 2010.

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