The Sale: CPR Offers Refurbished and Unlocked Phones

CPR has in stock a surprising variety of so-called “recycled cell phones.” Besides taking advantage of some excellent deals, it’s the environmentally-conscious way to go.

CPR announces “The Sale.” Cell phones that some might refer to as “used,” or “pre-owned,” others might call “refurbished.” CPR’s trained technicians are experts at performing the precise unlocking modifications necessary to make a cell phone work for you in the same way that it once worked for its previous owner, with every one of its touted features intact. Refurbishing a cell phone is not a whole lot different from refurbishing anything else of value, and it can often be considered a little more time consuming or involved as an extensive repair. A phone might have been on its last leg. Instead of being on the way to the nearest landfill, it lives again to become your communicator. What could be sweeter than that?

But it gets better. CPR offers a 90-day warranty on any unlocked or refurbished cell phone. If it were to fail within that 90-day interim, you are not out of luck as you would likely be when dealing with a manufacturer. We’d fix it, as if it were a brand new unit.

In a word, another sweetening agent for CPR customers interested in purchasing refurbished or unlocked phones is price. We do have set prices for previously owned models, but we like to think that any reasonable offer will be considered. Imagine all the features you’d come to expect and that would be available for you during the unit’s “second run,” what could be more thrifty than that?

It gets still better. We live in an age when our landfills are filling up, often with gadgets like cell phones. An environmental catastrophe beckons like the Grim Reaper high on the polluting fumes contributing to Global Warming. If you decide not to buy yet another new cell phone, and instead content yourself with a refurbished or unlocked model fresh from the trained technicians at CPR, you’re helping the environment. Once again, what could be sweeter than that?

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